Ascension Lutheran Church

Our Staff

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  Rev. Steven R. Bowser    Pastor

  Rev. Maureen Seifried      Associate Pastor  

John Zielinski

              Minister of Music

Donna Doutrich

              Office Manager,
                 Finance/Membership Secretary

Eric Hiller

              Property Contact

 Our Church Council

           Vice President
(The Executive Committee will be elected at the February 2020 Council Meeting.)  

Vern Grant & 
Nick Rossos              Co-Treasurers

Lynda Daveler 
Hannah Dunnenberger
JL Frankford
Carol Fricke 
Dave Gibson 
Darren Hamric (Council President) 
Joanne Koch 
Bonnie Matheny 
Sam McKee
Chuck Miller
Ed Patches (Council Secretary) 
Linda Shoemaker 

Pastor Steve Bowser
Pastor Maureen Seifried